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Restless Genital Syndrome

Cause of Restless Genital Syndrome

Scientific research conducted by Prof. Waldinger and his colleagues has shown that Restless Genital Syndrome is caused by a disorder (a sensoric neuropathy) of a short small nerve, the dorsal nerve of the clitoris. This nerve is a distal branch of a longer nerve, the pudendal nerve, and is located left and right next to the vagina and clitoris. Research of Prof. Waldinger has also shown that ReGS may occur in concurrence with:

1. Hormonal changes (estrogens); for example,
- a few days before the onset of menstruation,
- in the last part of pregnancy,
- around and during menopause,
- during treatment with anti-estrogens (these medications are prescribed in case of breast cancer)

2. during the use of, during dose reduction, or after stopping the use of modern antidepressants