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Restless Genital Syndrome

What are Restless Legs?

Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) is a disorder of the nervous system. The precise cause of RLS is not yet known. It may occur at any age, women are more often affected than men, and family members are also often affected.

The feelings in the legs are usually difficult to describe. It is a sort of tingling, or a sensation as ants who are walking, or something that resembles bubbles or electric-like little waves.

Restless legs usually occur at night or during the night while lying down in bed, and when sitting such as at a table or on a couch. The tingling feelings are so annoying and disturbing that it urges the person to rub, to move or to stand up in order to get rid of them. But after they have disappeared, the tingling sensations usually return immediately.

The weird sensations may also affect the arms (restless arms). And since just recently, it is known that these feeling may also affect the genitals (restless genitals).

As the restless legs often occur during the night when lying in bed, sleep becomes disturbed. Persons affected by it, go out of bed, walk or are seeking a cold floor in order to get rid of the sensations. By the disturbance of sleep, these individuals often complain of sleepiness throughout the day.

Restless legs does not disappear spontaneously. Often it even aggravates with aging.

Today, there are rather good drugs to treat restless legs. These drugs may diminish the complaints and may even lead to their disappearance.